Our Story

“ We are a traditional circus family. A moving company sounds like a good to start in a new life in the city” 

Our nomade life is amazing, our kids got to see the world and learn lenguages and the circus art that we Carry in our blood.

Circus life is amazing and we love so much, thinking about the future of our kids we decide to have something stable in the city so we have time for them to learn more circus and at the same time go to school,

Most of the circus in USA do not have school for the kids, so we combined our life stayle with a new life.

We love travel and moving place to place, A moving company sounds like amazing start for a new life in the city.

Meet the Team


Ammed Garcia

Founder & CEO


Estefani Evans

General manager


Thiago Sbano


Marcelo Sbano


Gisele Evans

Next Steps...

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